The History of Pride Excavating


Pride Excavating was established in 2005, in Draper, Utah by brothers Travis & Alex Jessop, who have been in the excavating business since they were in their teens. You could say it’s in their blood and that they have learned this trade from the ground up. As descendants of some of the original settlers of this community, their ties to our beautiful desert nestled at the base of the cliffs run generations deep. Their commitment is to be honest and reliable, to take PRIDE in their workmanship, and inspire loyalty and confidence in their customers.

The brothers understand what it takes to be the finest contractor in the excavation industry and have created a team that reflects their values and standards and understands the value of efficiency without compromise. Pride Excavating loves giving back to the communities we serve. We sponsor monthly after school activities and reading programs for children in Washington County, elementary and high school sport programs in Northern Utah, donate to our law enforcement officers and families throughout the state, and support local businesses and suppliers.


Our Team


travis jessop


TRAVIS has been in the excavating business since his teens. He took the initiative to get a job doing cleanup work and has learned the trade from the ground up. Through dedication and diligence he has built a company that he can be proud of knowing that every job is done correct. Surrounding himself with the best in the business and building a crew of people to compliment his personal goals. PRIDE Excavating is a reflection of his own personal growth. His generous spirit and commitment to excellence.

alex jessop


ALEX has been in the excavating business since his teens. He is an expert operator and understands the small details that make a GOOD job GREAT. Alex has worked closely with Travis to build the mutual dream of Pride Excavating.

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